Core Energetics is an extraordinarily simple set of concepts that raises consciousness. When practiced, our gifts and our blind spots come into perspective and we begin to live life revitalized and motivated toward our highest goals.

We use three levels of consciousness to make our way through each day. When we become aware of how these operate within us we begin to understand how we are coping opposed to thriving. 
As we develop into adults, the environments we are inhabiting require certain reactions in order to survive them. By learning how this happens, we are freed from these invisible constraints and choices begin to appear that open ourselves up to greater opportunity. 
Our physical body, world and universe share the same biological rhythm. Learning how to sensate this rhythm allows individuals to capture their true state of being in every moment and empowers them to make the right decisions in the moment. 
We all have different perspectives on how we view reality. When we become attuned to ourselves we are able to maintain our authenticity and then the world becomes a place we can embrace on all levels.. 

These mechanisms of transformation are invaluable tools that create consciousness shifts through utilizing the body. Thereby becoming new forms of healthy habit and freeing you to create the life you imagine.

Those who are ready to embrace themselves and start changing direction toward a greater potential will find this practice astonishing and rewarding.


First of all, thank you so much for our last session, it was so good for me. I just want to say I hope the universe gives back all the help and energy you give to others, to you and your life and everyone you love…


- N.N.,

Your guidance on my journey has been incredible.


- N.H.,

Thanks so much for your loving and wise support.


- P.S.,

I feel like our session definitely helped. Especially to realize I need to be aware of grounding myself.


- C.W.,


Learn to Love You More

Learn to Love You More is an eight week series of focused intention, guiding you toward building a new foundation for going forward in your life using Core Energetics.

Eight Weeks of private sessions
Eight Weeks of text prompts to encourage.
Eight weeks of mid-week 15 minute question & answer sessions.
Eight weeks of mental detox toward greater freedom and ease.
Eight Weeks or Two Months = Lifelong opportunity.



The most dynamic way of

 revitalizing your consciousness

 is by utilizing the body.



Schedule your Learn to Love You More Series and rediscover Yourself.

Cost: $200/month paid over a 3 month period.

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JournalMay 2014
  • Does it Make Sense?

    Our senses provide us so much information. As children we let ourselves experience the full range of them, everything was an adventure! Now as adults, we have grown used to our ears, eyes and our bodies. This makes life easier in many ways but are we taking advantage of this knowledge? Are we are missing out on unexplored pleasures? Reconnecting to our body's responses to anything gives us an opportunity to re-learn pleasure and more importantly re-learn our emotions. Most of our days we think, plan and make decisions. We spend a lot of time in our heads. We have learned how to ignore the sensations our body is having in order to do what we "think" is the right thing. However, we have an incredible opportunity to understand ourselves better than we could have ever imagined just by becoming aware of the sensations that happen in our body in every adults. This time with our full cognition. This practice is profound in that it will re-awaken the moment and keep one grounded as when you meditate or do yoga. Core Energetics specializes in just this practice and learning how to sensate what is happening in our body when we get nervous, angry or depressed can change those emotions enormously and help us master their ill effects. Paying attention to how our body is responding to all matters can enlighten us to how our history is holding us back and offer us new opportunities. Getting in touch with our body/mind connection provides growth and inner peace.   If You Liked This Article Subscribe to Cynthia Kagoshima CCEP and Receive 5 Daily Mindfulness Tips!
  • Courage

    "When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny." Paulo Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym     If You Liked This Article Subscribe to Cynthia Kagoshima CCEP and Receive 5 Daily Mindfulness Tips!
  • My Cat Taught Me…

    The other morning,

    I opened the door and my cat pranced in and brought a baby bird he had killed into our home.  He laid the bird in the middle of the room and looked up at me.  My heart was suddenly pulled in two directions. Motherly pride and sorrow. It took me a moment but I looked at him and said, "Good Boy!" and patted him on his head.  Then I immediately went to grab a tissue and picked up the bird before he decided to further dismantle it's tender, delicately feathered body.

    I placed the bird in the tissue on the kitchen table and then sat with my cat in my arms while we both looked at it.  I was completely at a loss of what to do next, but told the bird I was deeply sorry in my heart.  I didn't want to punish the cat for his ways and yet felt so terribly saddened that such a sweet young creature had already passed through the world.  The gravity of what life is was throbbing through my skull and heart.  I felt immense love and utter loss at the same time.

    Fast forward to an evening where I was present in a group discussing Jungian and Core Energetics therapy and the concept of the Self emerged.  How each modality defines the Self and what it is. Or what it isn't seems more accurate.

    It was mentioned that reality really doesn't care who you are or what the Self is.  We pay mind to the Self in order to understand reality but so much of this understanding comes from our way of being.  Being in relation to our Self and being in the world at large with others.  Getting a foothold on who that Self is seems to be the answer, but is it?

    The experience with my cat that morning flooded into my memory when these ideas were related between us and it illustrated this place to me.  This place of me in life, in reality, no matter what comes or doesn't, I am simply there. Aware only of what I am capable of being aware of. Sitting at my kitchen table with the cat I loved and the small bird I felt so much sadness for, sitting in the midst, in the middle of experience and emotion, not knowing how to be and yet just being.  My Self was so unimportant it seemed, allowing the circumstances to be just as they were.

    Walking through life can be difficult or joyous.  Life doesn't determine which way we decide to encounter it, we do.  The concept of the Self is the malleable part.  It doesn't need to be something that is determined and whole, just something that lives, feels, and experiences.  When we can surrender to life, increase our awareness and embrace our experience the Self emerges as the perception of the moment.  That perception is yours and then another individual has theirs, and a cat has one also.

    By Cynthia Kagoshima

    Originally posted on 5/17/2014

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  • Mezmerizing

    Are you ever mesmerized? What is it about that "thing" that has caught your attention? Is it the object or an emotion that has it's grip on you? Next time you find yourself mesmerized, please investigate.  See if your heart or emotions has anything to do with your being in the "mesmerized-now".  And if you are enjoying the moment,  let it linger and ask yourself,  what sensations are present to me?  See if you can establish a template of the mesmerization and someday, when you perhaps feel tired or sad,  try to find this mesmerizing moment again. It might just lift your spirits.   If You Liked This Article Subscribe to Cynthia Kagoshima CCEP and Receive 5 Daily Mindfulness Tips!
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  • Cynthia Kagoshima

    Cynthia Kagoshima

    Certified Core Energetics Practicioner

I have practiced Core Energetics since 2004. It has radically changed my life and has given me invaluable tools by which I now navigate my world.  Because it was the most effective practice I had encountered that created real and lasting change,  I completed the five year certification program at the Institute of Core Energetics of New York.

Beginning my private practice in 2010,  I now empower others to embrace their lives for a rich and truer life experience. I work with people individually, as couples and in groups. If you would like to book a session please contact me with the contact form below.


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